Mission Statement

Created 2/12/23 Updated 9/9/23

Welcome to MACA.US.COM !

Our mission is to bring people together & make our world a better place. Making America Great Again is okay too, but first we have to know what that means. Please see RAY’S RANTS for more on that.

As for MAGA, we’ve just removed the tail on the G to make it a C. That makes it MACA! MAKE AMERICA CONSCIOUS ALREADY!!

Guess what? America IS great! But we have plenty of skeletons in our closet. And the more we ignore them, the less great we are. They can’t be buried in book bans & algorithms or we will ALL be slaves!

The first thing we need to remember is this country was founded by, of & for WE THE PEOPLE! And WE THE PEOPLE have to realize that WE are the only ones who can make it better. Do you think it will happen through “separation?” NO! 

We have to come together, put ourselves in each other’s shoes and 

Why does it take a village to raise a child? Because every life is precious, we all have something to teach him or her and everyone does better with a support system to show us how to live a happy, healthy, peaceful, productive life. 

The same is true of our country. Our world. This society is OUR CHILD! We have to bring the 330,000,000 people of the U.S. (why do we call it US?) and the 8,000,000,000 people of planet Earth together to raise it!  And this is one big, unruly, defiant, destructive kid who needs the same things every individual person needs, LOVE! COMPASSION! PATIENCE! TRUTH! JUSTICE! UNITY!

Guess what else? The billionaires who run the government in Washington D.C. & control US villagers in every state, red or blue, have to start acting like part of our village! They can start by paying their taxes, getting money out of politics and REPRESENTING THE 99% WHO ELECTED THEM!

Robert Reich says, “The upward redistribution of wealth over the last 40 years has shifted $50 trillion from the bottom 90% to the top 1%. That’s $50 trillion that would have gone into the paychecks of working Americans. Trickle-down economics was always a hoax. This has been the agenda all along.”

Doesn’t this make you want to foment change instead of scrounging for spare change? Is it fair that a teacher has to choose between paying her rent or feeding her children while these autocratic capitalists choose whether to fly their private jet or board their yacht today? And this same teacher often has to buy her own class supplies while, in some places, CAN’T TEACH FROM BOOKS THAT TELL THE TRUTH!

Is it right that so many of these autocratic capitalists (including Trump in 2020) pay ZERO taxes while I pay 30% plus payroll taxes, Social Security, Employment Development Department and more? And a lot of us pay more than that! I am the owner of a corporation too. We are 3 people who fix people’s houses. We work hard and pay a lot of taxes. Why doesn’t the government listen to US


You & I & most of the MAGA guys & girls next door are looking for the same things. We just want to live safe, happy, peaceful, productive, lives, free from the fear of drowning in debt. I know. I’ve talked to a lot of them.  They don’t trust the government. Neither do I. For some of the same reasons.

So my mission, as a struggling, middle class, hammer swinging CEO, is simply to get us talking to each other. Divide & conquer can’t work if we all become friends. 

In the interest of getting us all to work together, I made it easy. Remove one little tail on a G (and the tall tales it represents), make it a C & we have MACA. 




Wear a hat & start a conversation. Listen closely for a possible point of unity and build from there. 

And so much more at MACA.US.COM

Every blessing to you on your life journey as we come together to make the world a better place. 

Thank you,

Ray Newkirk,
Santa Cruz, CA… US!